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Trac 14 14 sailboat for sale in Massachusetts

Trac 14 14 Year Length Beam Draft Location Price 14′ 7-5′ .7′ Massachusetts $250 Description: The Trac-14 is an Australian design originally called the SURFCAT, later WINDRUSH, and built under licence in the US by AMF Alcort. Sails and hulls in good condition, bumps and scratches on pontoons, includes manuals and rigging, needs one shroud.

1986 AMF Trac 16 sailboat for sale in New Hampshire

AMF Trac 16 Year Length Beam Draft Location Price 1986 16′ 8′ .75′ New Hampshire $1,200 Description: 1986 AMF Trac 16, with trailer (1 78 ball), fiberglass pontoons with dry storage bags in each hull, sails and sailbag and rigging and gigging bag. It has 2 trap wires on the mast and has everything needed

1984 TRAC Catamaran AMF sailboat for sale in Georgia

TRAC Catamaran AMF Year Length Beam Draft Location Price 1984 16′ ‘ ‘ Georgia $1,500 Description: New rigging. Sail in perfect condition. Equipment: Material Hull Type Rigging Cabins Condition fiberglass catamaran daysailer good Please contact: 770 656 3986
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