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1982 Melges E-Scow E-scow 28 sailboat for sale in Florida

Melges E-Scow E-scow 28 Year Length Beam Draft Location Price 1982 28′ ‘ 2′ Florida $4,500 Description: I have a 1982 28 ft escow for sale. Its in pretty good condition with minor wear and tear. I have everything needed to drop it in today including 2 sets of sails, a racing set and a

1981 Johnson Boat Works E-Scow sailboat for sale in Colorado

Johnson Boat Works E-Scow Year Length Beam Draft Location Price 1981 28′ 7′ 4′ Colorado $4,000 Description: 28′ Very Solid E Scow Equipment: Completely re-worked 2010 w/new main & jib halyards, hiking straps, ropes, 4 bailers. Trailer re-painted w/new tires & jack w/LED lights, 2 mains, 2 mylar jibs, runner & reacher, all very crisp.
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