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2011 Benford Dory Badger Schooner sailboat for sale in Florida

Benford Dory Badger Schooner Year Length Beam Draft Location Price 2011 34′ 12′ 5′ Florida $12,000 Description: GREAT OPPORTUNITY, UNBEATABLE PRICE, HURRAY UP! Overbuilt, and easy to motor/sail around, comes with complete sailing/cruising gear, emergency gear, whole sailboat/motor/sails electronics everything less than 5 years old. Plenty storage space, high ceiling and big windows everywhere allowing

1998 Otter Works Benford 30 sailboat for sale in Alaska

Otter Works Benford 30 Year Length Beam Draft Location Price 1998 36′ 10.5′ 5′ Alaska $140,000 Description: Complete info updated 03M-31D-2014Y 1526H : 30’ Junk Rig Benford Motor Sailor • Design is Jay Benford. • Details by Tom Colvin. • Weights, dimensions, by Bob Perry.• Sail plan by H.G. Hasler and J.K. McLeod.• Built by
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