2014 Alubat 58 sailboat for sale in Florida

2014 Alubat 58 sailboat for sale in Florida2014 Alubat 58 sailboat for sale in Florida2014 Alubat 58 sailboat for sale in Florida2014 Alubat 58 sailboat for sale in Florida2014 Alubat 58 sailboat for sale in Florida2014 Alubat 58 sailboat for sale in Florida


Description: The Alubat 58 is a great boat trip without compromising on comfort. In addition, it is efficient with regular high speed.

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Equipment: Tanks
Fresh Water Tanks: 2 (132 Gallons)
Fuel Tanks: 2 (79 Gallons)
Holding Tanks: 1 (52 Gallons)

Number of cabins: 3
Number of heads: 3

Keel Version

Draft when centerboard down 7.7′
Light Displacement: 51,808
Ballast Weight: 18.739

Centerboard Version:

Draft when centerboard down: 9.67′
Draft when centerboard up: 4.4′
Light Displacement: 55,115
Ballast Weight: 20,282
Weight of Centerboard: 1763

Lead keel,, aluminium centreboard
Hydraulic steering system
Hydraulic cylinder with electric control for centreboard
Safety release valve
Manual emergency system

Painted aluminium main mast with triple swept back spreaders and
boom, Discontinuous rig
Mast head light, decklight
Electric genoa furling system
Electric staysail furling system
S/s standing rigging :
1 forestay
1 forestay for staysail
1 baby stay
1 triactic stay
2 upper shrouds
2 intermediate shrouds
2 running backstays to fly staysail
2 backstays
Painted aluminium mizzen mast with single swept back spreaders and boom
S/s standing rigging :
2 upper shrouds
1 martingale stay

On main mast

1 rigid boom vang with tackle led back to cockpit
1 main sheet led back to cockpit
1 mainsail halyard let back to cockpit
1 staysail halyard at mast
1 genoa halyard at mast
1 gennaker or spinnaker halyard
1 boom topping lift 1 spi boom topping lift
1 boom with 3 reefing lines (on single line reefing system) led back to cockpit

On mizzen mast

1 boom vang with tackle
1 main sheet led back to cockpit
1 mainsail halyard at mast
1 boom topping lift
1 boom with 1 reefing line (on single line reefing ssytem) led back to cockpit
Genoa sheets
Staysail sheets

All external woodwork in best quality Burmese teak
Teak deck, anti-slip coating on all other surfaces.
Anodised stemhead fittings with two rollers for anchor passage.
Vertical electric windlass 2500W on deck
S/s swedish pulpit with bi-coloured approved navigation lights
S/s granny bars at mast.
S/s rails around deck
2 spring cleats midships 450mm
2 bow mooring cleats de 450mm
4 stern mooring cleats 450mm
Anodised aluminium chain plates
6 opening hatches 500 X 500 (2 in aft cabin, 1 in each fwd cabin, 2 in
saloon) with curtains

2 opening hatches 350X210 in fwd heads with curtains
1 opening hatch 500X550 in fore locker
2 hatches on coaming 400X210 chart table, heads at companion way
with curtains

2 hatches on coaming 250X100 alleyway and aft heads with curtains
2 hatches on coaming 350X100 aft cabin with curtains
Plexiglas on sides of deck house
1 main sheet track
2 sheet tracks for genoa and staysail with slider
2 winch handles
2 electric 64 ST genoa sheet winches
2 48 ST staysail sheet winches
1 electric 44 ST winch for mast manoeuvres winch
1 electric 48 ST winch for main and halyards sheets
1 40 ST winch for mizzen sail sheet
1 16 ST winch for mizzen mast manoeuvres
2 main sail track turning blocks
2 genoa and staysail turning blocks
7 clutches for mast man?uvres on coach roof portside
4 clutches for main and halyards on starboard
Deck fillers : water, fuel, grey and black waters
Hot and cold shower on transom
Engine ventilation in coaming
Telescopic bathing ladder on stern
Life raft storage on stern
Main sheet track with traveller and trimm


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